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By keeping the focus in the vineyard, our wines are always full of flavor and aroma. Our delicate winemaking method allows the wines to develop their soft and subtle expressions in the cellar and in our cave. Whether you're looking for a poolside rosé, an elegant Zinfandel, or a fireplace Cabernet Sauvignon, we have a wine for you!



Saturday, October 26th
4 - 8 pm

Pomegranate, Paella, and 20th Anniversary Harvest Party!
We're taking our annual party to a new level this year in honor of our 20th harvest!  Fabulous food, Tres Sabores wines, dancing and frollicing to the sounds of theFabulous Screwtops (believe us, they're a great band!), mask making, and more! Let the party begin with our mix-master's TS 'libation' and take it from there! 

Tickets will NOT be available day of, as this event will sell out. Purchase your tickets today!