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Julie Johnson

Owner, Winemaker

As wine aficionados struggle with the notion of terroir, wherein the character of a wine is truly a reflection of the place where the fruit is grown, I feel confident that the same can be said of people and the places where they “grow”. This is certainly true of my wife, Julie Johnson, owner/ winemaker at Tres Sabores. As those of you who have been to “the ranch” can no doubt attest, it would be hard to imagine Julie doing life anywhere else. The brisk stride, the sparkling eyes that engage you so directly, the willingness to discuss, in detail, any aspect of the wine business or of life’s many questions, and…all of this flowing so clearly from her love for, and connection to this place – it’s quite amazing.

Julie JohnsonI have watched in awe as unsuspecting visitors, imagining that they are arriving for just another tour and tasting (oh, yawn…), are revived as they stroll with, inquire about, relate to, laugh with and are made warm and satisfied by their “new friend”. In the end, there is always the warm hug and the knowledge that these folks will return to Tres Sabores one day, with more friends in tow who “just have to see this place”. They, too, will now have a connection to a place…this place.

Julie arrived here at the end of the South Whitehall Lane, mother of three, an experienced home health care nurse and successful wine marketer, in 1987. Among Julie’s many accomplishments, she is a proud graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine and the Columbia University School of Nursing and Public Health in New York. Along with her first husband, John Williams, and partner, Larry Turley, she founded and owned Frog’s Leap Winery. In partnership with the lovely and talented Michaela Rodeno, currently CEO at St. Supery Winery, she founded “Women for Wine Sense”, the ongoing national organization whose vision it is to support the appreciation for, and responsible consumption of wine. She is a passionate gardener who has never seen a weed she didn’t love to pull, and a natural cook. A friend says, “Julie cooks like others play jazz”. At the end of the day, she sleeps best if she feels that she has been a reasonably good steward of the land, and has capped off the day with a reasonably good glass of wine! - JonEVino 2009



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